Caffeine Pills Vs. Energy Drinks

Caffeine Pills Vs. Energy Drinks

Caffeine can actually be consumed several ways including the stomach, skin, and the mouth.

Both caffeine pills and energy drinks rely on the stomach which is not the fastest method.

Caffeine Pills Vs. Energy Drinks Vs. Coffee

While consuming caffeine in your stomach may not be the fastest method, caffeine pills and energy drinks do perform differently.

Caffeine Pills act all at once giving you the biggest hit of caffeine without stopping.

Energy Drinks will generally give you a more precise dose of caffeine than coffee. But it could be more or less caffeine based on the brand of energy drinks and the bean of coffee you generally prefer.

Caffeine Coffee Vs. Monster

Caffeine Coffee Vs Monster
Caffeine Coffee Vs. Monster

When comparing coffee to Monster energy drinks the biggest difference is caffeine content. Both coffee and Monster will need to be digested in the stomach and then metabolized in the body before the full effect of caffeine you drink can be felt. This can take 50 minutes to complete.

The other thing to worry about is caffeine content.

A 16oz can of Monster (regular) contains 230 calories, 54g of sugar and 160mg of caffeine. A 16ox can of Monster Zero Sugar has 10 calories, 0g sugar, and 140mg of caffeine.

In comparison, the average 16oz cup of (black) coffee is about 109mg of caffeine.

So you are getting about 37% more caffeine in an energy drink than your average cup of coffee. But all coffee is not created equal.

If you were to order a Blond Roast Coffee you should expect more caffeine. A lot more caffeine. A 16oz Blond Roast Coffee averages 360mg of caffeine.

To make the comparison even harder, any cup of coffee is going to vary in caffeine content depending on the beans used and how it is brewed. Brew it longer, you get a stronger caffeine content. Most espresso beans are also higher in caffeine. But again, they will vary.

Hidden Risks Of Energy Drinks

Hidden Risks Of Energy Drinks​
Hidden Risks Of Energy Drinks

The hidden danger here overconsuming while you are waiting for the caffeine to take effect. While you sip away, waiting for digestion to kick in, you may be overconsuming more caffeine than you can even use, triggering caffeine dependence.

The lack of transparency in coffee makes it hard to understand how much caffeine you are actually consuming and it can make it easy to overconsume and trigger caffeine dependence.

How do you know you are caffeine dependent?

If you can’t skip coffee or energy drinks for a day without experiencing any of these symptoms, you know you are caffeine dependent:

  • Headache
  • Tired
  • Difficulty Concentrating (Brain Fog)
  • Nausea
  • Muscle Pain
  • Irritability
  • Even Flu-Like Symptoms In Extreme Cases

Do Caffeine Pills Work As Good As Energy Drinks?

Caffeine pills can vary widely in caffeine content from 100-200mg. Sometimes more.

While you know exactly how much caffeine you are consuming, the problem with caffeine pills is you consume them all at once then wait for digestion to take full effect.

If you are feeling a little jittery while consuming a coffee or energy drink, you can stop and hope you don’t have too much more liquid caffeine in your stomach and the jitters subside.

But once you swallow a caffeine pill, there is no going back. Consume too much and feel bad? You just have to ride it out.

But consuming too much caffeine will do some long-term damage:  you will also be triggering caffeine dependence. Caffeine dependence can be triggered in as little as 100mg of caffeine.

It’s no coincidence that all the energy drink products will fill you with caffeine levels that are proven to cause dependence. That’s just good business in their minds. It will keep you coming back for more of their products.

What Is The Difference Between An Energy Drink And A Caffeine Pill In Terms Of Controlling Caffeine Intake?

Hidden Risks Of Energy Drinks​
Caffeine Pills Vs. Energy Drinks

If you don’t want to be caffeine dependent anymore, you have to wean back your caffeine intake slowly and most importantly, consistently.

Caffeine pills can help. Up to a point.

Caffeine withdrawal can start as little as 6 hours after your last dose. So if you try to consume one caffeine pill a day to cut back, you will probably have to endure caffeine withdrawal for part of that day.

Sipping away on an energy drink is a little better, but you’ll deal with caffeine withdrawal on that method as well. Remember I said that caffeine takes up to 50 minutes to fully take effect after you drink it? So if you start to get a caffeine headache, that energy drink won’t work right away either.

Is it Better To Take Caffeine Pills Or Drink Coffee To Cut Back On Caffeine?

What About Caffeine Pills Vs. Soda

While soda will have a lower caffeine intake in that coffee or energy drinks, you will still be waiting for digestion to kick in on that too.

What you need to find is a low-caffeine alternative that dissolves on the tongue. That will hack the caffeine delivery and give you instant results that don’t require sitting around waiting for digestion to kick in.

You’ll want something that helps not only interrupt caffeine withdrawal but is designed to support immune health and mood as well. So you can feel your best and never miss the extra caffeine.

That’s why we recommend CAFFEINEcontrol.

More Than Just Another Caffeine Boost

CAFFEINEcontrol is formulated to support immune health, energy, and mood. It is a one-of-a-kind formula:

  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc
  • L-Theanine
  • B Vitamins
  • 21mg Caffeine

It’s packed in a resealable pouch for easy on-the-go convenience that lets you easily hack your caffeine energy needs without being overstimulated or jittery like energy drinks.

It’s the perfect afternoon pick-me-up that will leave you feeling bright and alert now, never jittery, or sleepless later.

CAFFEINEcontrol Energizer Tablets

Quitting caffeine addiction does not have to mean suffering through headaches, feeling irritable, or moody.

It doesn’t even have to mean giving up coffee!

We’ve taken a more effective approach to energy: a sweet low caffeine candy that dissolves on the tongue that skips digestion, so caffeine works 10x faster than coffee, energy drinks, or even caffeine pills. By delivering a microdose of caffeine super fast, CAFFEINEcontrol lets you have the energy and focus you need to get things done. You can quickly and easily kick caffeine addiction to the curb — without caffeine withdrawal!


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