How Does Caffeine Withdrawal Cause Headaches So Bad You Want To Die?

How Does Caffeine Withdrawal Cause Headaches

There is a lot of confusion on how does caffeine withdrawal cause headaches. Most people don’t understand how skipping one little cup of coffee can cause so much pain. 

It’s only 11am and just skipping your first coffee of the day triggers a caffeine detox headache that stops your day in its tracks.

The medical reason you experience headache pain during caffeine withdrawal is because caffeine has a vasoconstrictive effect. In plain language, that means when you become dependent on caffeine, your blood vessels in your brain are narrower than they used to be. 

If you are addicted to caffeine, that means your body has determined this narrowed state is the new “normal” and it’s fighting to get you to deliver more of that narrowed state and it’s giving you a headache to bend you – to get you to drink the caffeine your body now thinks is “normal”. 

It doesn’t care too much caffeine is keeping you up at night, making you anxious and jittery. Your body now thinks that is “normal”. 

But there is more to caffeine addiction, and caffeine withdrawal, than just a headache. To understand why does caffeine withdrawal cause headaches, you first need to understand that caffeine is a drug. And not just a low level, do-nothing, kind of drug.

Caffeine is the most popular psychoactive drug in the world and probably the last socially acceptable addiction. While a cup of coffee is considered a time-honored way to start our day, the reality is that caffeine belongs to the methylxanthine class of stimulants that act on the center nervous system. Drugs in this class can:

  1. Speed up metabolism

  2. Increase urine production

  3. Increase heart rate

  4. Increase being alert

  5. Enhance physical performance (like sports)

Those are the good things. The no-so-good things that come with too much caffeine are: 

  1. Dizziness
  2. Insomnia
  3. Irritability
  4. Anxiety
  5. Headaches
  6. Diarrhea
How Does Caffeine Withdrawal Cause Headaches

How Does Caffeine Withdrawal Cause Headaches?

How To Get Rid of Caffeine Withdrawal Headache

But caffeine also works on the pleasure centers of the brain triggering dopamine (the feel-good hormone). 

That’s why even if you take an over-the-counter pain killer, it won’t stop your craving for caffeine. 

So the question “how does caffeine withdrawal cause headaches”, is really not the question you should be asking. The real question should be: “how can I quit caffeine without caffeine withdrawal”. The answer is: CAFFEINEcontrol.

CAFFEINEcontrol Is The Better Way To Wean Off Caffeine

This was something we suffered through and it’s why we created CAFFEINEcontrol.

CAFFEINEcontrol is a brand-new approach to caffeine reduction: a sweet candy that dissolves in your mouth so it skips digestion and works right away. 

CAFFEINEcontrol delivers a small, 21mg microdose of caffeine, that works almost instantly. You will crush caffeine cravings and skip caffeine withdrawal so you can reset your caffeine habits quickly and plainlessly. 

You won’t feel like you are making a change at all because you get the energy and focus you need, without the caffeine addiction you don’t.

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Less caffeine used to mean suffering through caffeine withdrawal symptoms, brain fog and exhaustion. That’s why most people that try to modify their caffeine intake fail. Figuring out how to wean off caffeine doesn’t even have to mean giving up coffee. Now you can cut back as much or as little as you want: on your own terms.

CAFFEINEcontrol is different because it skips digestion which lets you take back control of your caffeine cravings and reset your caffeine habits FAST.

Don’t just try to change your caffeine habits. Do something that makes lasting change. Something that makes you feel great while you reduce caffeine so change is easy!

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