Why Does Caffeine Make You poop?

Why Does Caffeine Make You poop?

Why Does Caffeine Make You Poop?

Most people wouldn’t consider taking a laxative before you hit the gym or go on a hike. But that may be exactly what you are doing when you consume high caffeine supplements before your workout because caffeine can make you want to poop.

The link between caffeine and a laxative effect is well documented. In fact, this is why many people with eating disorders heavily rely on caffeine. It provides an appetite suppressant, diuretic and simulant effect all in one. But it is not always safe.

That’s why the FDA stepped up in 2018 to control the distribution of caffeine in levels that could be dangerous when used for these reasons.

why does coffee make me poop

Why Does Coffee Make You Poop?

The link between caffeine and digestive stimulation has been tied to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) in adults. The study found that individuals who were taking coffee weekly (or more) had significantly greater odds of IBS than those who never drinking coffee. And the more coffee they drank, the greater their odds of having IBS and the greater their odds having a severe condition. 

How many people have IBS? It’s actually a very under-reported condition. It is estimated that 10-20% of the US adult population suffer from IBS — but irregular bowel symptoms are reported in 68% of the population — so the caffeine connection to digestive distress may be more widespread than is currently reported. 

These findings would apply to coffee, energy drinks or even caffeine pill consumption because it is the overstimulation of too much caffeine that is making your bowels respond, not some other ingredient in the product itself. 

Does Decaf Coffee Make You Poop Too?

Decaf Coffee does not mean caffeine-free. In fact, some national brands of decaf have more caffeine than another brands regular blend. 

So even when you “think” you are cutting back on caffeine, you might be getting fooled. 

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why does coffee make you poop

How Quickly Does Caffeine Make You Poop?

Whether you choose coffee, energy drinks or even caffeine pills, they all have one thing in common: digestion. When you consume them it will take about 50 minutes to get the full impact of the caffeine you consume because it will have to be digested, then metabolized to take effect. That means you can be caught and hour or more after your last sip of caffeine with the negative digestive side effects you might experience from too much caffeine. 


Why Do Energy Drinks Make Me Poop?

How quickly you respond to any kind of caffeine depends on a lot of factors: age, metabolism and if you are really addicted to caffeine when you drink it.

Ironically, when you are really addicted to caffeine, you might find the digestive symptoms go in the opposite direction: constipation.

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How Does Coffee Make You Poop?
The same it makes it feel impossible to poop.

Caffeine is a diuretic: it impacts the fluid balance in your body – usually trigging frequent trips to the bathroom to urinate. When you are addicted to caffeine, this long-term overuse of caffeine can lead to a fluid imbalance that can make it seem impossible to poop because the natural fluid balance in your body is being manipulated.

What it comes down to is that caffeine is stimulating your muscles of your bowels too which can lead to digestive problems at both ends of the spectrum and an uncomfortable feeling of not being able to go or urgent need to make a trip to the nearest restroom. 

Again, decaf does not mean caffeine free. So you could still experience the same issues with decaf depending on the brand of decaf you prefer. Many people don’t realize that decaf can have different levels of caffeine depending on how it is created. Brew it longer and it will have more caffeine. The kinds of beans used also impact the caffeine in each cup.

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