Does caffeine raise blood pressure?

does caffeine raise blood pressure

Does Caffeine Raise Blood Pressure?

That morning cup of coffee is doing more than fueling your ambition to start the day: coffee may also make your blood pressure jump. 

And if you drink coffee every day you should consider the effects of coffee on your blood pressure numbers may be profound.  

How Long Does Caffeine Raise Blood Pressure?

In fact, Johns Hopkins Medicine estimates that your blood pressure can increase 5-10 points within 30 minutes of drinking caffeine.  The link between high blood pressure readings and caffeine intake is well documented in study after study.

How Much Does Coffee Raise Your Blood Pressure?

How much is too much coffee when it comes to blood pressure? A 2002 study indicated that even 1 cup of coffee a day raised blood pressure. And the more caffeine you drink, the worse the effects.

This isn’t a new idea. The caffeine effect on blood pressure has been assumed for at least 60 years. But recent research confirms it. 

However, this research may only be the beginning of understanding the impact caffeine has on blood pressure because the people in the study didn’t even consume as much coffee as the average American does.

Caffeine Effect On Blood Pressure For The Average Coffee Drinker

The average American coffee drinker consumes 3 cups of coffee a day. While the study participants usually only drank 1-2 cups a day. 

As a society, we are hooked on caffeine. And that caffeine addiction can mean you are constantly triggering a boost in blood pressure that has you riding a carnival ride of ups and downs throughout the day.

how long does caffeine raise blood pressure

The irony here is we are drinking more caffeine to feel better and perform better at our daily tasks but it is actually hurting our overall performance!

The more caffeine you consume, the more you will suffer from the negative effects of caffeine addiction – putting undue stress on your blood pressure and overall wellbeing. 

With too much caffeine we wake up feeling bad before our first cup of coffee. And too much caffeine causes those energy crashes in the afternoon. Too much caffeine can make you anxious, irritable and quick to anger. 

So, why are we still overusing caffeine? Because the coffee companies tell us we need to.

Coffee And High Blood Pressure And Corporate Profits

Big coffee has done a really good job of telling us we need to drink coffee every day. That we should be proud of our caffeine addiction. That being addicted to caffeine means we are a productive member of society and should be revered.

But the reality is much darker than the French roast in your cup.

In realty, coffee works better when you are not addicted to caffeine. Without caffeine addiction you wake up feeling refreshed. You don’t feel tired and cranky before your first cup. 

And if you are not addicted, when you do drink caffeine, you’ll feel like it really works.

If you are drinking coffee every day, you are impacting your blood pressure every day too. That’s a hit to your body that is unnecessary and can eventually lead you to having blood pressure numbers that are considered too high.

Sure there are common drugs to combat high blood pressure. But what if you don’t want to take drugs to lower blood pressure?

The way to naturally lower blood pressure may be as easy as cutting back on your caffeine intake.

Reducing Caffeine Can Be Easy

Cut back on caffeine without caffeine withdrawal or brain fog. 

Faster and easier than anything you tried before. 

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Quitting caffeine does not have to mean suffering through headaches, feeling irritable, or moody.

It doesn’t even have to mean giving up coffee!

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