Does Caffeine Stunt your Growth?

does caffeine stunt your growth

Does Caffeine Stunt Your Growth?

No, caffeine does not stunt your growth. Regardless of what your sweet Aunt Edith or Wise Uncle Andy might have told you, there is no evidence that caffeine will stunt growth. But what it will do, can feel a 100x worse than being considered short or a little height challenged.

The official pediatric advice is that children under 12 should not consume caffeine. But with the prevalence of caffeine in so many beverages, you might not even know you are overstimulating your child with caffeine.

Does Coffee or Caffeine Stunt Your Growth If Your A Kid?

Making A trip to Starbucks with the kids? It’s common to order a hot chocolate for a child. But did you know that a Grande cup of Starbucks hot chocolate has 25 mg of caffeine (about ¼ cup of coffee) along with 37gr of sugar. That’s about 9 teaspoons of sugar. So as a coffee alternative to a child, that is basically a tiny coffee that is supercharged with the sugar of almost 2 Snickers bars.  While  there is not medical evidence that the caffeine and sugar in that drink with harm the child’s projected growth, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence it can stimulate a child to supercharged energy levels and drive you out of your mind trying to control them. Let’s face it, that amount of caffeine and sugar is a lot of stimulation for a child. Heck, it’s probably more stimulation than most adults need to start their day. 

does coffee make you short

Does Coffee Make You Taller? What Does It Actually Do?

The implications of all the caffeine overstimulation in children is somewhat obvious: crazy, excited kids running around. But there is also a darker, unknown effects to this caffeine overstimulation in children.

Recent research has started to explore the connection between children and caffeine and pulls back the curtain on how little we know about children and caffeine. Because so much is unknown, there is really no way to tell if there are any long-term implications of caffeine use in children. And we’re not talking about an occasional hot chocolate or candy bar. Some caffeine products are now being marketed to children as young as 4 years of age!

With children’s tolerance and susceptibility to caffeine addiction being largely unknown, that means children are basically being experimented on with regards to caffeine intake. We are talking about concerns that are much greater than  whether a child considered a couple inches shorter than their peers. Concerns have been raised to what the long-term effects to attention, brain development and hyperactivity levels or even ADHD might be. And these concerns have not been studied enough to know the real impact as these children consuming high levels of caffeine grow into adulthood. While concerns have been raised, there is no evidence that caffeine is safe or unsafe for children to consume. 

But what is clear is that in the short-term, caffeine will impact kids in many of same ways it does adults: with high levels of stimulation. But with children they may not have the ability to control these simulation impulses which can lead to levels of excitement that can be hard for adults to handle.

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does coffee stunt your growth

Worry About The Hidden Sources Of Caffeine Rather Than Does Coffee Make You Short

Making the caffeine problem worse is the hidden nature of caffeine in our food chain. Caffeine is everywhere. Soda is another way that children often get more caffeine (and sugar) stimulation than you think.

A regular Coke has 34mg of caffeine (but also 39 gr of sugar). Diet Coke has 45mg of caffeine but no sugar. See what they are doing here? You are getting stimulation from either more caffeine or a combination of less caffeine and more sugar. Again, for children this can be a lot of caffeine. Heck, for adults this is actually a lot of stimulation.

But caffeine can also be hidden in non-cola soda too. Orange soda, cream soda and some root beer varieties also have high levels of caffeine.

Trying to reduce caffeine use in childhood is just as hard as it is for adults to limit caffeine intake because of how widely available it is, but still hidden on the label, in some of the most common of products.

The concerns for all this overconsumption of caffeine go far beyond worries about stunting growth. But trying to limit caffeine, whether you are an adult or child, may not be as simple as cutting out just one food from your diet. 

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Sources Of Caffeine You Might Not Have Considered:

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