Does Coffee Or Caffeine Help With Asthma?

Is Caffeine Good For Asthma?

Is Caffeine Good For Asthma? Yes!

During an asthma attack the passages of the lungs narrow and spasm. Caffeine may help relax the muscles of the airways and provide some relief.

In fact, even low doses proved effective in improving lung function for up to two hours after consumption.

Why Does Coffee Help Asthma Attacks?

Caffeine for asthma

For those with asthma, caffeine functions a mild bronchodilator. It will relax the muscles in the lungs and widen the airways.  Not as well as many drugs on the market, but it can reduce wheezing symptoms.

Even at high doses caffeine is about 40% as effective as drugs like theophylline.

When Is Coffee Bad For Asthma?

Drinking coffee may slower than you want.

It is important to note that when you drink caffeine, or take a caffeine pill, it has to be digested and metabolized before it becomes effective. This can take up to 50 minutes.

But caffeine is actually a pretty unique compound. It can be consumed through the stomach, on the tongue and even via the skin.

Consumption in the mouth is the fastest method. It will allow for the full effect of the caffeine to begin in less than 2 minutes.

So when looking for quicker results to help with asthma symptoms drinking coffee may not give you the speed of results you want.

When Does Coffee Help With Asthma Regardless Of When You Consume it?

If you don’t mind being jittery all the time, one study found that those that drank coffee constantly did show a 29% reduction of overall wheezing and asthma symptoms overall.

The good news is you can find a low-caffeine alternative to drinking coffee all the time, that will also help with your asthma symptoms.

Caffeine Dose For Asthma

Caffeine for asthma

Most studies explored the effect of 200mg of caffeine.

This would be half the FDA suggested safe limit of caffeine in a day and could be a lot for some people to handle (it is the equivalent of 2 average cups of coffee).

Too much caffeine can easily raise blood pressure, cause anxiety, irritability, and jittery feels for several hours after consumption so you should always start with the lowest dose possible and increase as your body can handle.

Works Faster Than Coffee, Energy Drinks Or Even Cafeine Pills

But won’t leave you restless, sleepless or irritable later.

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