Why Does Caffeine Make Me Happy?

Why Does Caffeine Make Me Happy?

Why Does Caffeine Make Me Happy?

Caffeine is bitter. We shouldn’t like it. So then why does it make us happy? Why do we feel good about handing over $6 a cup and put up with feeling lousy before we have our first cup of the day?

How Does Coffee Make You Feel Good?

Caffeine makes you feel good through chemistry and caffeine addiction.

Caffeine is a drug. It is actually classified as a psychoactive drug: meaning it can change the way you think.

The class of psychoactive drugs are those that affect mental process, mental perceptions, consciousness, cognition and mood or emotions. Other drugs in this category are alcohol and nicotine but also cocaine, marijuana, and opioids.

Caffeine may be sold on every corner, and be the most widely used drug in the world, but it is not harmless.

It is primarily a problem because it IS sold on every corner and it is being overused.

In fact, caffeine is consumed more than alcohol, marijuana or even valium. More than any other drug that effects the brain.

Too Much Caffeine Is Tricking Your Mind

When you consume too much you trigger caffeine dependence. Which makes you feel bad:

  • Headache
  • Tired
  • Difficulty Concentrating (Brain Fog)
  • Nausea
  • Muscle Pain
  • Irritability
  • Even Flu-Like Symptoms In Extreme Cases

Why Does Coffee Make Me Feel So Good?

Drinking a coffee will take away all those nasty caffeine withdrawal symptoms and make you feel better. Then you will associate feeling better with more coffee.

It sets up of a cycle of addition that tricks your mind into thinking coffee makes you feel great — because you are no longer feeling bad from caffeine withdrawal.

Why Does Coffee Improve My Mood?

In fact, a recent study showed that you don’t LIKE coffee, as much as you WANT coffee.

Really. That caffeine addiction is tricking your brain into associating the need to push back caffeine withdrawal symptoms with LIKING making that addiction go away.

Is Coffee A Mood Booster Or Is Quitting Better?

The good news is you don’t have to quit coffee to get more from caffeine. You can still use caffeine to get a boost of extra ambition when you need it. You just need to quit caffeine addition.

Coffee will still make you feel good when you drink it. But you won’t feel bad when you don’t. You can switch from needing a coffee to wanting a coffee.

You’ll be back in control and rebalance your relationship with coffee and caffeine.

The Lie That You Need Coffee To Be Productive

Big Coffee has done a really good job convincing us we need coffee every day. But it is just NOT true.

Caffeine actually works better when you DON’T drink it every day.

But Big Coffee does not want you to know that.

They want you to stay addicted to caffeine and keep giving them money.

But coffee can actually work better if you don’t consume it every day.

Does Coffee Make You Happy Even If You Are Not Addicted To It?

Yes, you’ll still enjoy coffee. And you won’t miss the intensity of needing coffee all the time because that’s just caffeine withdrawal dictating where and when you need to consume coffee to not feel bad.

Resetting your caffeine habit will definitely make you happier.

Want To Break Free
From Caffeine Addiction?

Without suffering through brain fog, exhaustion or caffeine withdrawal? Or even quitting caffeine forever?

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It doesn’t even have to mean giving up coffee!

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