How To Wean Off Caffeine

how to wean off caffeine

There are really only two solutions when trying to figure out how to wean off caffeine: 


  1. Cold Turkey. Which is the absolute hardest way to do it with the highest failure rate.

  2. Slowly reduce caffeine. Which sounds simple. Easy even. Until caffeine withdrawal symptoms turn your brain to mush, cripples you with blinding headaches and makes you question why you ever thought it was a good idea to stop consuming caffeine to begin with.


There is also a third option of how to wean yourself off caffeine, but we’ll get to that soon. First, it’s important to understand what you are up against.

88% of people that try to modify their caffeine intake will fail. It’s not because they are weak. They don’t lack will-power. They fail because caffeine withdrawal is a brutal foe that doesn’t fight fair. It will undermine every element of your day until you give in and declare you are powerless against it. Except you are not.

How To Wean Off Caffeine Without Caffeine Withdrawal

Here is how to wean off caffeine without caffeine withdrawal: you have to trick your body into thinking there is no shortage of caffeine. The most important thing to remember when weaning off caffeine it so deliver small, consistent doses of caffeine at regular intervals – but at levels too low to trigger caffeine dependence. Sounds easy right? It’s not.

Because the caffeine in your coffee will vary based on the bean and the brew. That means the level of caffeine you consume will vary from cup-to-cup. To make things worse, manufacturers are not required to disclose caffeine content in their products so you may be consuming caffeine and not even know it. Consume too much caffeine and you trigger further caffeine dependence. Too little and you trigger caffeine withdrawal. That’s why 88% of people fail.

wean off caffeine different beans

But I drink Diet Coke you say. That would be consistent, right? Well yes, and no. 

While the content of caffeine in each can IS consistent, how fast it is delivered it NOT. Why? Because to get that caffeine, it has to first be digested. And research has shown it takes 50 minutes to fully digest and metabolize the caffeine you drink. 

Sure, you fell let you get a boost right away, because small amounts are digested in your mouth before it reaches your stomach. So unless you want to swish soda (or coffee) around in your mouth to get it to work faster (imagine the horrible stains to your teeth!), you have to wait for digestion. 

And that waiting means you may be delivering more, or less, caffeine than you need to effectively wean down your habit. That’s why it is so hard to figure out how to wean off caffeine! So what should you do?

CAFFEINEcontrol Is The Better Way To Wean Off Caffeine

This was something we suffered through and it’s why we created CAFFEINEcontrol.

CAFFEINEcontrol is a brand-new approach to caffeine reduction: a sweet candy that dissolves in your mouth so it skips digestion and works right away. 

Get a small, 21mg microdose of caffeine, that works almost instantly. You will crush caffeine cravings and skip caffeine withdrawal so you can reset your caffeine habits quickly and plainlessly. 

You won’t feel like you are making a change at all because you get the energy and focus you need, without the caffeine addiction you don’t.

How Long Does It Take To Wean Off Caffeine?

Officially, the medical industry will tell you it takes 7-14 days to wean off caffeine. But many people report long-haul withdrawal with exhaustion, brain fog, depressed mood and anxiety going on for months! These people will ask “when does it become worth it?”

CAFFEINEcontrol is the best way to wean off caffeine because you never experience caffeine withdrawal at all! By interupting caffeine withdrawal before it starts you give yourself an edge that no other product can provide. 

It’s an approach that is formulated to support your caffeine reduction goals in a way no one else does so making a change is quick, easy and painless.

Stop asking how to wean yourself off of caffeine and make the change that works!

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Less caffeine used to mean suffering through caffeine withdrawal symptoms, brain fog and exhaustion. That’s why most people that try to modify their caffeine intake fail. Figuring out how to wean off caffeine doesn’t even have to mean giving up coffee. Now you can cut back as much or as little as you want: on your own terms.

CAFFEINEcontrol is different because it skips digestion which lets you take back control of your caffeine cravings and reset your caffeine habits FAST.

Don’t just try to change your caffeine habits. Do something that makes lasting change. Something that makes you feel great while you reduce caffeine so change is easy!

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