Selling You Caffeine Addiction

caffeine addiction

I had coffee this morning. I wasn’t feeding a caffeine addiction that made me “need” a cup. I wasn’t tired and felt like I needed it. I didnt want a sweet treat. I didn’t meet anyone at a coffee shop. 

I drank a coffee because their advertising hooked me in.

As I caught up on my daily emails I opened a message from a large coffee company. I became transfixed by their pretty pictures of delicious looking seasonal beverages. And it hooked me in. 

Their marketing was super effective because over 90 minutes after I viewed their email I was still thinking how good that beverage looked. 

So I had a cup. 

And it WAS delicious. And since I’m not addicted to caffeine, that beverage REALLY worked and I was pretty much flying, like I had consumed a cup of rocket fuel. 

Unfortunately by 2:26pm my caffeine flight came crashing to the ground and I was tired, having trouble focusing and watching the clock. I remember this feeling because it was how I felt every day when I used to be addicted to caffeine. 

This proves two things:

  1. If you are not addicted to caffeine it will work again and REALLY give you a boost when you need it (even though it will be a short-lived boost).
  2. Our “love” of coffee is not triggered by our absolute devotion to the beverage but by the effective marketing that keeps the coffee industry a billion-dollar business model.

As I’ve said before, I’m not anti-coffee. I do still occasionally drink coffee. It’s usually every few weeks and it’s absolutely not as large as I had on this morning (usually my drinks are about a quarter the size of what I’m served in a coffee shop). 

Super-Size Your Caffeine Addiction

And the size of the beverages we are served is a huge part of the caffeine problem. By overserving us in large beverage sizes we consume more caffeine than we really need. More caffeine than we can even absorb and metabolize. 

The body can only absorb so much at one time. And as I’ve explained before: by drinking caffeine we have to wait for digestion to get the full effect so it will take up to 50 minutes to fully metabolize the caffeine in your cup. 

When we overconsume caffeine in our coffee, the excess caffeine will partially be washed away in quick trip to the bathroom. But some of the excess caffeine we can’t metabolize right now will be stored in the body tissue (leading to restlessness or sleeplessness later). But hitting that maximum caffeine overload you also trigger caffeine addiction. 

And caffeine addiction can be triggered quickly. Some studies have concluded you can trigger caffeine dependence in as little as 24 hours. Yeah, one day of overconsuming will lead to your body craving more of that stimulation the next day. 

I had trouble falling asleep, which I don’t normallly have an issue with. But the biggest issue came at about 3am when I woke up and could not fall back asleep. I was really confused until I rememebered I’d overindulged in that caffeine the day before. 

Caffeine Addiction Makes You Tired

This is typical of too much caffeine. The next day you’ll feel tired, have brain fog, and feel slightly hung over from all that excess caffeine and you reach for another coffee to feel better. The hair of the dog, so to speak. That’s what keeps the coffee companies rich and you reaching for cup after cup of their products. 

It’s a vicious cycle of addiction that keeps you addicted to caffeine and ensures the coffee companies stay rich on a steady stream of your hard-earned cash.

benefits of quitting coffee

But you don’t have to live with a caffeine addiction as a way of life. You are not trapped in caffeine addiction just because you are busy and don’t have time to suffer through caffeine withdrawal headaches, bain fog and exhaustion.

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