Conquer Caffeine and Nicotine Withdrawal Together

caffeine and nicotine withdrawal together

Conquering caffeine and nicotine withdrawal together is not only possible, but it can also be easy!

It’s actually common to try to quit cigarettes and coffee together. Most people will try to take on a brand-new healthy lifestyle and it seems natural to cut out all the bad things that are dragging you down at once.

And while nicotine patches or nicotine gum have long been solutions to quit cigarettes, it’s only recently that the need for help quitting caffeine has also been addressed by CAFFEINEcontrol.

Decaf Doesn't Work

The time-honored way of cutting back on caffeine has always been decaf or cold turkey. The only problem is they don’t work. 88% of people that try to use those to cut back on caffeine will fail.  Why? Two words: caffeine withdrawal.

People don’t fail because they are weak. They don’t lack will-power. Caffeine withdrawal is a wicked opponent that can beat down the best of intentions. 

The only way to effectively battle caffeine and nicotine withdrawal together is to skip the withdrawal part. 

Nicotine patches will help with the physical cravings of cigarettes. 

CAFFEINEcontrol is here to help you quickly (and deliciously) beat those caffeine cravings too.


How Does Caffeine Withdrawal Cause Headaches

Quit Caffeine Without Caffeine Withdrawal

Caffeine withdrawal is actually your body’s panic response. Your body has gotten used to large amounts of caffeine and now considers that “normal” and it is fighting to get you to keep doing that. The key to winning the battle of both nicotine and caffeine is to trick your body into thinking it is getting what it wants.

Nicotine patches work because they deliver small consistent doses to wean you off of cigarettes. CAFFEINEcontrol works for the same reasons: its a small, consistent dose that allows you to wean off caffeine without cravings or caffeine withdrawal. But it’s better than a patch. But if you use CAFFEINEcontrol with a nicotine patch, you can conquer caffeine and nicotine withdrawal together in one swoop. It will allow you to walk away from cigarettes and caffeine without looking back.

CAFFEINEcontrol Is The Better Way To Wean Off Caffeine

CAFFEINEcontrol is a brand-new approach to caffeine reduction: a sweet candy that dissolves in your mouth so it skips digestion so it works faster than anything else you have ever tried. It is faster than decaf, energy drinks or even caffeine pills. 

Because it works fast, you can crush those caffeine cravings before they turn into caffeine withdrawal and cut back better and faster than ever before!

CAFFEINEcontrol delivers a small, 21mg microdose of caffeine, that works almost instantly. It’s the perfect amount to give you energy and focus but never trigger caffeine addiction or caffeine withdrawal.

You won’t feel like you are making a change at all because you get the energy and focus you need, without the caffeine addiction you don’t.

Want To Reduce Caffeine
But Can't Let It Slow You Down?




Less caffeine used to mean suffering through caffeine withdrawal symptoms, brain fog and exhaustion. That’s why most people that try to modify their caffeine intake fail. Figuring out how to wean off caffeine doesn’t even have to mean giving up coffee. Now you can cut back as much or as little as you want: on your own terms.

CAFFEINEcontrol is different because it skips digestion which lets you take back control of your caffeine cravings and reset your caffeine habits FAST.

Don’t just try to change your caffeine habits. Do something that makes lasting change. Something that makes you feel great while you reduce caffeine so change is easy!

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