Does Caffeine Boost Metabolism?

does caffeine boost metabolism

Caffeine has been shown to raise the Basal Metabolic Rate (BSR). This is term used to describe how many calories your body naturally burns every day just keeping you alive. If you can increase this number, it could potentially help people lose weight without more effort. It’s the reason caffeine is included in a lot of weight loss supplements.

How Much Does Coffee Boost Metabolism?

One study showed a boost of 13%. But that same study showed that while you could measure an increase in metabolism, that did not translate to absolute results stating: “Many, but not all, of the effects of caffeine are mediated via the sympathetic nervous system.”

What does that mean? Basically you can’t fool mother nature. While some of the measures that should indicate caffeine will boost your metabolism, the body is smart and will compensate for that in other ways knowing it’s not real exercise or energy output. 

Does Caffeine Boost Weight Loss?

does caffeine boost weight loss?

Because the stimulation from caffeine does not appear to change any underlaying metabolic processes, the effects from caffeine will only last as long as you are stimulated.

And if you have ever needed more than one cup of coffee a day you will understand how caffeine needs can change over time.

The morning cup that used to keep you feeling alert and energized for hours suddenly it not enough anymore. So you have a second cup of coffee. 

In fact, Americans now consume 3 cups a day on average. 

Caffeine Effect On Metabolism Is Temporary

caffeine effect on metabolism

Caffeine is a drug. And like most drugs, you can get used to them over time.

That can mean they stop working as expected and you need more.

Sometimes a lot more. Just to get the same befits you did when you first started consuming them.

The only way to make sure caffeine continues to work as you expect is to cut back. So you basically detox your body. That way when you start caffeine again, you will find it works.

But the best way to think of caffeine is not as something you stop, only to overuse again. Caffeine should be considered a tool, that you pull out when you need it. It should allow you to get a boost when you need a little something extra.

Ironically, the best way to make caffeine work for you is not to consume more. Ever increasing quantities of caffeine will just make you less sensitive to caffeine over time.

When you consume less caffeine you can reset your body to more senstive levels so you can actually “feel” the boost caffeine should give you. Think of it this way – too much caffeine is building up calluses on your nerves so you can’t notice anything unless it is very stimulating. You are not feeling like you should.  

Reducing Caffeine Can Be Easy

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