Is Caffeine A Drug?

is caffeine a drug yes or no

Yes, caffeine is a drug. But it’s not just an ordinary drug:
Caffeine is the most widely consumed drug in the world!

Why Is Caffeine A Drug?

why is caffeine a drug

Caffeine is classified as a drug that can affect the mind. This is no secret; caffeine is often consumed because it can makes you alert. But less recognized is how it can make you FEEL. 

What Type Of Drug Is Caffeine?

Caffeine is considered a psychoactive drug — that’s a kind of drug that can influence thinking and emotions.


Drugs in this group include stimulants (caffeine, nicotine, meth, cocaine), depressants (alcohol, tranquilizers), opioids (Vicodin, morphine, heroin), and hallucinogens (LSD, magic mushrooms). That’s some pretty hefty company.

How can a substance that is sold everywhere be in the same class as so many illegal drugs?

Why Is Caffeine A Psychoactive Drug?​

Why Is Caffeine A Psychoactive Drug?

It is actually not hard to see why caffeine fits in with other stimulants in the psychoactive group.

Drugs in this category all excite the central nervous system and increase arousal. People that consume caffeine, nicotine, meth, or cocaine will share the same boost of energy and feel more alert while also experiencing an elevated heart rate and increase in blood pressure.

While obviously each drug will stimulate users to a different degree — and no one is saying caffeine is the same as cocaine – each drug will stimulate users on these same conditions.

Is Caffeine A Harmful Drug?

Overuse of caffeine can cause death. Too much caffeine has also been known to trigger heart attacks and strokes.

While those are the relatively rare in relation to how many people consume caffeine every day, the risks are nonetheless real.

Caffeine could be considered the last socially accepted addiction. We think nothing of wearing a t-shirt that says, “coffee addict”.

But just because we have normalized caffeine use, does not mean it is not still a drug that can be abused and can cause physical harm to users.

This is why the FDA took action in 2018 to regulate the sale of “pure and highly concentrated caffeine“. 

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