Why Am I Always So Tired And Sleepy In The Afternoon?

Why Am I always Tired And Have No Energy

Why Am I always Tired And Have No Energy Around 3pm?

Why does the clock always move so slowly between 3 and 5pm? The day can speed by but starting in about 2:30 or so I used to feel tired and sleepy. The dials on the clock would only move a few minutes when it feels like I’d been walking through pudding for hours waiting for it to be time to finally slip out the door and go home.

And this happned every single day.

The day starts out fine. I’m racing to get things done. Jumping from project to product, meeting to meeting, productive and getting things done. Until afternoon hits.

I could never figure out why.

Until I gave up caffeine addiction.

But I want to be clear: I gave up caffeine addiction, I didn’t give up caffeine.

I still have a cup of coffee every week or two. When I need an extra boost.

But I don’t have it every day anymore.

And the minute hand on the clock stopped stalling at 3pm.

Even though I was drinking coffee to have energy, it was actually slowing me down.

So Then Why Am I Always Sleepy Even Though I Get Enough Sleep?

There were a couple reasons for my exhaustion:

One, I was drinking enough caffeine that I had compromised the QUALITY of my sleep.

I would have trouble falling asleep – and staying asleep. I would often wake up in the middle of the night. Sure I would fall back asleep — most of the time. But the fact I was waking up feeling exhausted and reaching for a cup of coffee every day was telling.

Two, I has addicted to caffeine. That caffeine dependence was what mostly made me feel all groggy in the morning. Cranky (“but coffee first”) and with brain fog that had me feeling like I had lost a few IQ points overnight and couldn’t quite string a thought together correctly. Until I had coffee.

After I had coffee, I felt “normal”.

So what was my caffeine habit really accomplishing? If I’m drinking coffee to feel normal, how much is it really helping me.

Turns out, my caffeine habit was hurting me more than it was helping. 

Is Feeling Tired Everyday Normal? No!

Is Feeling Tired Everyday Normal

The big coffee and energy drink companies have done a really good job of convincing us it is normal to drink caffeine each and every day.

They have a big financial investment in making sure we believe that.

But it’s just not true.

Caffeine actually works BETTER when you don’t drink it every day.

How Can I Stop Feeling Constantly Tired?

When you give up caffeine dependence you’ll feel rested when you wake up in the morning.

The afternoons won’t drag on forever.

And the best part is you don’t have to give up coffee or energy drinks forever.

You can still use them. Like a tool. Instead of letting caffeine addiction use you.

When you break free from caffeine addiction, you take back control of where and when you WANT to consume caffeine. Instead of letting caffeine addition tell you that you NEED it every day.

Stop Feeling Tired All The Time

Stop Feeling Tired All The Time​

When you give up caffeine dependence, you’ll gain more than you lose.

You’ll stop being tired all the time.

You’ll feel good.

You’ll be less moody.

Caffeine will work BETTER when you CHOOSE to consume it.

And you’ll save a ton of money not buying coffee every day!

How I Feel 3 years Later

I quit being addicted to caffeine in 2019. I have not been in a Starbucks since February 2020. It’s not that I’m anti-coffee.  I still have money on my Starbucks Gold Card. And I plan to use it. Someday. I just haven’t felt like I really want a coffee whenever I think about it.

That’s actually pretty significant because I spent about $250 a month at Starbucks. I was usually there a couple times a day. I would go to work at 6:45 and get a Venti coffee that would last me 9 hours.  Then I would stop and get another coffee in the afternoon that would help me study all night.

When I had the worst caffeine addiction I was working full-time. And going to school in an accelerated graduate degree program. I was busy. And jumpy. And tired. And stressed.

And I had no idea my coffee habit was making it worse until I gave up being addicted to caffeine. Again, I’m not anti-coffee. I’m anti-addiction. When I drink coffee now, it gives me a nice boost. While I’m still able to easily fall asleep at night and wake up rested in the morning.

Quitting my caffeine addiction gave me control over my caffeine habit in a way that lets me use caffeine. Instead of letting my caffeine addiction control my actions. I’m as busy as ever, but less stressed. I’m more thoughtful and present. It was the best thing I ever did and I wish I’d figured this out years ago. 

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