Does Caffeine Affect Sperm? Caffeine And Male Fertility

Does Caffeine Affect Sperm? Caffeine And Male Fertility

Caffeine And Male Fertility

The semen levels in men worldwide have been declining. Meanwhile worldwide consumption of caffeine has increased. Are these related or just a coincidence?

Evidence suggests there seems to be a negative relationship between caffeine intake and male reproductive function – possibly through sperm DNA damage.

However, there are some interesting studies that also conclude male fertility issues may not even be based on their own caffeine habits. One study showed that a mother’s caffeine consumption could have an impact on the sperm density of male offspring by up to 20%!

How Does Caffeine Affect Male Fertility?

how does caffeine affect male fertility

The sperm cell holds the mission of carrying the paternal genetic data to offspring. But to do so the message must be complete and have proper DNA coding integrity. If there are breaks or damage to the DNA markers, this will impact the viability of the sperm, and overall male fertility rates.

Caffeine And Sperm Quality

The evidence is pointing to breaks in the sperm DNA chain. Research indicates caffeine intake seemed to be associated with an abnormal number of chromosomes that divide cells as well as DNA breaks —  but not with other markers of DNA damage. So while not destroying sperm counts it seems to be impacting the quality of the sperm produced.

Caffeine And Sperm Morphology

This is described as the study of sperm morphology; or the study of how the sperm components link together. It studies the relationship between the sperm structures. 

How Does Caffeine Affect Sperm Quality?

how does caffeine affect sperm qualtiy

There is good news from some research. When used at low levels (5 and 25mg/kg) the research found improved sperm quality

So much like other research on the benefits of coffee and caffeine: low to moderate intake of caffeine seems to be the best way to ensure health benefits. 

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