How Much Caffeine Is Too Much?

how much caffeine is too much

How much caffeine is safe?

Officially the FDA says no one should consume more than 400mg of caffeine day. 

The most popular drink purchased in coffee shops is the Grande Vanilla Latte which rings in at 150mg of caffeine (and 18 grams of sugar – or roughly the equivalent of the sugar in a Snickers bar).

You could consume just over two of these a day and still stay within that guideline. 

But that doesn’t mean you would not be triggering caffeine addiction.

Recommended Caffeine Intake:

recommended caffeine intake

Caffeine dependence can be triggered with as little as 100mg of caffeine.

So just one Grande Vanilla Latte for a few days and you could trigger caffeine addiction.

What’s the big deal. Everyone drinks coffee. Why should you care if you are addicted or not?

How Much Caffeine Is Dangerous?

how much caffeine is dangerous
Caffeine Is Dangerous

Too much caffeine impacts your quality of life.

Too much caffeine makes falling asleep hard. And staying asleep harder.

It makes you moody, anxious, and irritable.

Too much caffeine robs you of all the health benefits they say you get with coffee. Because those benefits have only been proven to be effective if you are a low or moderate consumer of coffee.

When you are addicted to caffeine you are forced to drink it every day or you’ll experience caffeine withdrawal: 

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Feeling Irritable
  • More Anxiety
  • Flu-Like Symptoms
  • Trouble Concentrating
  • Muscle Tremors

When you consume too much during the day, you’ll also feel bad: 

  • Trouble Falling Asleep
  • Trouble Staying Asleep
  • Feeling Anxious
  • Feeling Restless/Jittery
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Irritability

How Much Caffeine Per Day For the Average American

Consuming too much caffeine? You are not alone.

The average person who drinks coffee every day, doesn’t just drink coffee every day. They drink multiple cups of coffee every day. The average is 3 cups of coffee per day. 

What To Do When You Consume Too Much Caffeine Every Day

too much caffeine
Too Much Caffeine Every Day

Cutting back on caffeine is actually straightforward: cut back slowly and consistently until your body resets to a new caffeine level. Usually about 14 days.

But the problem is, it only sounds easy.

Because it’s hard to tell how much caffeine is in most products, it’s easy to under or overconsume caffeine.

Consume too much and you trigger caffeine dependence. Consume too little and you trigger caffeine withdrawal. That’s why most people fail in their attempt to change their caffeine habits.

But I’ll just read the labels and be fine. Right? No.

Because manufacturers are not required to disclose caffeine content if it occurs naturally. And if they add it they have to say it contains caffeine but they are not required to tell you how much.

Why won’t they tell you? Because keeping you addicted to their products is profitable.


If you want to cut back on caffeine you’ll need to do a lot of label reading to figure out a good caffeine substitute and stick with that substitute for at least a couple weeks. 

Reducing Caffeine Can Be Easy

Cut back on caffeine without caffeine withdrawal or brain fog. 

Faster and easier than anything you tried before. 

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