Why Energy Drinks Are Bad For You: 5 Reasons

are energy drinks bad

Are Energy Drinks Bad And Evil?

Yes and no. Labeling energy drinks as “bad” is not completley accurate. Millions of these beverags are consumed every year with no ill efffects. But that does not mean energy drinks are harmless either. There are certainly things about energy drinks that should give you pause before you pop open the next can.

But the reasons we drink energy drinks is always a desire to do more and be better at something. Better at work. Better at play. In a way, each can of energy drinks is an attempt to make the American dream a reality.

Why Are Energy Drinks Bad For You?

why are energy drinks bad for you
Energy Drinks Are Bad For You

Really the worst thing about energy drinks is how they fail to live up to their promises. They promise to give us energy and make life better. 

But how can they do that when they are filled with so many bad things?

5 Ingredients That Make Energy Drinks Unhealthy

energy drinks unhealthy
Ingredients That Make Energy Drinks Unhealthy

#5 Sugar

The lack of nutrients and empty calories are not the only danger of too much sugar. Too much sugar in the diet has also been associated with obesity, cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, as well as increased cancer risks.

#4 Artificial Sugar

Even energy drinks without sugar pose risks due to high concentrations of artificial sugar.

While risks related to artificial sugar vary by variety, there have been several studies that document a link between artificial sweeteners and bladder cancer as well as some forms of lymphoma and leukemia.

While the debate still continues, the evidence continues to raise doubts about the safety of consuming sugar substitutes on a regular basis. 

And it is not just the presence of artificial sugar that should be a concern but the amount of artificial sugar. Because caffeine is bitter it can take a lot of artificial (or regular) sugar to cover up large quantities of caffeine!

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#3 Chemicals

The chemical stew that is energy drinks can be a risky one with emergency room visits and even death linked to energy drinks often being hard to determine an “official” cause. How can you know exactly the cause when there are so many chemicals with names you can’t even pronounce being mixed together? And the formula is always propriety to each company so it’s almost impossible to tell exactly what went wrong.


It makes it easy for a manufacturer to claim it could not possibly be their product that caused harm. 

#2 Too Much Caffeine

The FDA sets 400mg of caffeine a day as a safe limit. But some caffeine energy drinks can have almost a full day’s caffeine in just one serving.

That makes it really easy to overconsume.

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#1 Addicting

How Is Drinking Energy Drinks Bad When It Makes Me Feel Good?

In general, 100mg of caffeine a day is the threshold for caffeine addiction. While the number can vary up or down based on age, weight, and metabolism, if you are consuming more than one cup of coffee a day, you are hooked.

And the higher the caffeine in your favorite energy drink, the faster you’ll get hooked.

How do you know if you are caffeine dependent? Common signs of caffeine dependence are:

  • Do you have trouble falling asleep?
  • Do you get headaches if don’t consume caffeine?
  • Does your energy slump in the afternoon?
  • Do you have trouble staying asleep?
  • Do you feel better after drinking coffee?
  • Are you feeling more anxious or irritable than you used to?

Or you can tell when you are caffeine dependent by how you feel when you skip your first serving of the day. If you experience any of these common symptoms before you drink your first energy drink (or coffee) of the day, you have a caffeine problem:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Feeling Irritable
  • More Anxiety
  • Flu-Like Symptoms
  • Trouble Concentrating
  • Muscle Tremors
  • Trouble Falling Asleep
  • Trouble Staying Asleep
  • Feeling Anxious
  • Feeling Restless/Jittery
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Irritability

Addiction Is What Makes Energy Drinks Bad

energy drinks bad
Caffeine & Energy Drinks

It’s kind of brilliant, in an evil way. Get people hooked on your legal product so they will come back, day after day, to hand you money and make you rich.

If they miss a day, they will feel terrible and won’t question giving you all their money again. They will just keep coming back for more because they don’t have the time to feel bad without it.

That’s what coffee and energy drink companies do.

They have done a really good job of convincing everyone they are lazy losers without a cup of coffee or energy drink to start the day.

But it’s just not true!

Regardless of all the talk the media wants to spout about baby boomer’s vs Millenials vs gen x, I’ve never seen these lazy generations they are complaining about. I see people that are all trying to meet excessive deadlines and expectations and turning to coffee and energy drinks in ever increasing numbers to try to compete. 

How Bad Are Energy Drinks?

The high caffeine content makes them really bad. Because it can get you hooked so fast.

Consume high levels of caffeine for just a couple days and you will find it really hard to cut back again. Headaches, exhaustion, irritability. All signs you have gotten your body used to high levels of caffeine and you won’t be able to just walk away without feeling terrible.


While you can get hooked on caffeine in a just a few days, resetting your body to lower levels of caffeine can take about 14 days. That can make it easier to get hooked than to change your caffeine habit.

Reducing Caffeine Can Be Easy

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