Does Espresso Have More Caffeine Than Coffee?

Does Espresso have more caffeine than coffee

Does espresso have more caffeine than coffee? The answer to both is it depends on who you ask.

Espresso CAN have more caffeine than coffee. But it depends on several factors to determine actual caffeine content in either espresso or regular drip coffee. 

What Is The Difference Between Regular Coffee And Espresso?

What Is The Difference Between Regular Coffee And Espresso

Actually, there is not alot of difference between regular coffee and espresso as far as the components of the beverages.

Both are beverages based on ground coffee beans. They are more similar than different. They are simply different methods of brewing coffee.

What Is Espresso?

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What makes espresso unique is the process. Espresso utilizes high water pressure and finely ground beans that provide a more concentrated brew.

When Is Espresso Stronger Than Coffee?

The high-pressure water in espresso gets the beans to release the flavor (and caffeine) without having to steep in water as you do for a drip coffee. The espresso process creates a slightly thicker result with a bold flavor.

When Does Espresso Have More Caffeine?

The coffee beans typically utilized in espresso are also a bean higher in natural caffeine content (Robusta beans). However the roasting process can also impact the caffeine content (with a blond roast actually having the highest published caffeine content). 

Caffeine In Espresso Vs. Coffee

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Caffeine In Espresso Vs. Coffee

The difference will come in brewing time. While espresso will always use high pressure to extract liquid from the bean, coffee will use time.

And the amount of time coffee seeps in water will also effect caffeine content because it give caffeine more time to transfer. 

How Much Caffeine in Espresso?

One of the reasons that manufacturers are not required to label caffeine content is it can vary in its natural form.

The coffee extraction process, unless is becomes mass produced, is like a chef creating a meal. No two meals will be exactly the same depending on the size of each vegetable, meat or string of pasta served.

Coffee will work the same way. You can estimate. But you’ll never know exactly because of how individually each cup is prepared. Depending on if the baristas are in a hurry or distracted, you might find your coffee is brewed more or less time. 

You might not even be getting the caffeine you ordered at all. A recent article even detailed how a barista would trade out customers orders depending how “tense” they seemed in their interactions. Too cranky, you must need decaf — no matter what you ordered. 

To be sure you get the caffeine you expect, always be nice (and calm) when ordering either an espresso or a coffee from your favorite barista. Tipping won’t hurt either. 

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