Is Caffeine Good Or Bad For Your Heart?

coffee and heart health

Why You Should Question Coffee And Heart Health

The link between coffee and heart heath is conflicted at best. While some studies have attributed the antioxidant properties of coffee to be beneficial, others show unfiltered coffee and caffeine each appear to increase risk of coronary heart disease.

What is clear: all the studies indicate that only low or moderate use of coffee or caffeine seems to provide any benefits. 

So, once you are consuming coffee every day to avoid caffeine withdrawal you have passed the point of any coffee health benefits. 

When Is Caffeine Good For Heart Health?

is caffeine good for heart
Coffee and Heart Health

The antioxidant properties of coffee are often called out as the best benefits caffeine/coffee have to offer our health. The antioxidant properties of coffee are sited as defense against oxidative (or oxygen related) damage to body tissues. This would translate to protection against heart disease and most forms of cancer. In fact, there are 4x the number of antioxidants in coffee than in tea which has prompted all the good press coffee has received. 

When Is Caffeine Bad For Heart Health?

is caffeine bad for your heart
Coffee and Heart Health

However, overconsumption of caffeine can  erase the antioxidant benefits. More so too much coffee will not just erase the benefits; it can create problems on its own.

Caffeine use has been shown to raise blood pressure and prolonged overuse of caffeine appears to have an impact on hypertension that can cause heart health concerns. 

Coffee And Heart Health Warnings

Consuming too much coffee, or caffeine in general, is actually significant health risk on its own. Studies in pregnant women, children, older adults are all called out at risk of adverse health conditions from too much caffeine.

While caffeine is a naturally occurring substance, being natural does not equal healthy.

While low to moderate use of caffeine has not been called out as dangerous, the clear consensus is there is no benefit to overconsuming caffeine.

Coffee And Heart Failure And Renal Failure

In fact, a study that looked specifically at prolonged
overconsumption of caffeine found that the negative effects of caffeine accelerated
hypertension and renal issues over time. 

Cutting Back On Caffeine To Get All The Heart Benefits Coffee Can Give You

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