What Caffeine Does To Your Body

What Caffeine Does To Your Body

What Caffeine Does To Your Body

How Caffeine Affects The Body Fastest

Caffeine is actually a pretty unique drug. It is one of the few substances that has the potential to enter the body and be utilized in several different ways: you can drink it, dissolve it on your tongue, even absorb it on your skin.

Ironically, we choose to consume it most often in the slowest possible way: by drinking it. 

How Does Caffeine Affect The Body Chemically?

how does cafeine affect the body chemically
Effects of Caffeine On Your Brain And Body

Caffeine is a stimulant. It acts by blocked adenosine molecules (the hormone that triggers sleep) from binding to the receptors that make you feel drowsy. Think of it like delivery drivers trying to find parking places. They can both park in the same loading zone but only one of them can occupy that parking spot. Caffeine has the ability to release the parking brake and push the sleepy driver out of that parking spot and take over.

Caffeine also triggers adrenaline to the central nervous system. This provides the “fight or flight” feeling that allowed our caveman ancestors to outrun sabretooth tigers.

Together they make you more alert and ready to respond quickly.

But it is important to realize caffeine does NOT create energy.

This chemical process borrows energy from reserves to respond now. Which is why several hours after you consume caffeine you have that energy slump that makes the clock slow and time drag.

That’s usually the time people reach for another cup of coffee to boost energy again.

But consume too much caffeine late in the day and you’ll be disrupting sleep patterns. You’ll wake up tired in the morning and reach for another cup of coffee. That’s a caffeine addiction pattern.

And when you are addicted to caffeine, its primary directive is pushing back caffeine withdrawal and making you feel “normal” instead of giving you the boost you started drinking caffeine for.

What Caffeine Does To Your Body When You Drink It

what caffeine does to your body
Effects of Caffeine On Your Brain And Body
When you drink caffeine it’s easy to overconsume and trigger caffeine dependence.Because you drink it faster than your body digests and metabolizes caffeine.When you drink caffeine it will take 50 minutes to digest and fully metabolize caffeine that way. So while you are slipping away still feeling tired, your body can’t keep up with how fast you are drinking it.But wait, I feel better right away. How can that be?

Where In The Body Does Caffeine Act Fastest?

Where in the body does caffeine act
Effects of Caffeine On Your Brain And Body

Caffeine is metabolized fastest in the mouth. So that first sip is partially metabolized in the mouth through the tissue in your mouth!

The mouth actually provides a shortcut to caffeine metabolism.

Caffeine is actually really unique because it can pass the blood brain barrier.

Our bodies are designed to break down foods in the stomach where the nutrients are then passed from the blood into other parts of the body.

In the case of caffeine, it goes from the stomach to the liver to the central nervous system and brain.

But caffeine can also go straight to the brain when consumed through the tissues of the mouth.

Most vitamins and supplements can’t do that. Most vitamins and supplements are forced to be digested.  It’s a safety mechanism that keeps harmful things from going straight to the brain and messing things up. It lets the body’s organs serve as a filtering system to keep the brain safe.

But caffeine gets a hall pass in the body that lets it go straight to principal’s office without having to check in anywhere else.

That hack is actually pretty unusual. Some forms of vitamin C can do it. Omega-e fatty acids can too. Because caffeine is both water and fat soluble it can pretty much go anywhere faster.

It is also because it is structurally similar to adenosine that it may be getting so much freedom of movement. 

But with that privilage to go anywhere comes great danger. 

People overconsuming caffeine in bulk quantities to fuel workouts is what lead the FDA to regulate bulk caffeine sales in 2018 to protect the public from the danger overconsuming caffeine can cause. 

Reducing Caffeine Can Be Easy

Cut back on caffeine without caffeine withdrawal or brain fog. 

Faster and easier than anything you tried before. 

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