Coffee And Kidney Disease: Is Coffee Good For Your Kidneys?

Coffee And Kidney Disease

Coffee And Kidney Disease: The Hidden Links

Caffeine is one of the most commonly consumed substances in the world. The use of caffeine transcends borders and language barriers. In fact, it’s so common we often don’t think much about it when we reach for a cup of coffee first thing every morning. 

But is it really good for you?  

Sure, there has been alot of talk about how caffeine can help with disease prevention for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s but how does it impact the kidneys? After all, caffeine is a diuretic, it will tamper with the water balance in your body. How can that not impact the kidneys?

When Is Coffee Good For Your Kidneys?

Being a diuretic, the caffeine in coffee can help jump start water elimination. If your kidney’s need a jump start, caffeine can help.

In fact, there is no evidence that at low to moderate consumption levels, the caffeine in coffee will hurt your kidneys. But there is danger at higher levels. 

When Is Too Much Coffee Bad For Kidneys?

Coffee Bad For Kidneys
Coffee And Kidney Disease

It’s no secret that too much caffeine will disrupt your sleep patterns. If you consume too much caffeine late in the day you will have trouble falling asleep – or staying asleep.

But what most people don’t realize is that lack of sleep can also trigger issues with chronic kidney disease as well.

Because caffeine does more than just stimulate your mind. According to the American Urological Association, caffeine consumption can affect the composition of your urine and the risk of calcium kidney stone formation in a manner that was considered “highly correlated”.  

Being Addicted To Coffee & Kidneys Disease:

coffee and kidneys
Coffee And Kidney Disease

Being a caffeine addict may help you wake up and get to work on time. But it won’t help your kidneys function better.

When you consume caffeine each and every day you qualifying as a chronic consumer of caffeine. And you won’t get the health benefits of coffee anymore. Worse than that, you are more likely to trigger hypertension if you already have polycystic kidney disease.

Research in the American Journal Of Kidney Diseases outlined how there were kidney benefits to limiting daily caffeine consumption to less than 4 cups a day.  

Follow-up research concluded that more caffeine you consumed, the more it worsened renal functions. Suggesting that high consumption of caffeine may contribute to a faster progression of renal disease. 

Why Cutting Back On Coffee Good For Kidneys

coffee good for kidneys

There is recent evidence that reduced caffeine (in the form of decaf) can be beneficial in preventing the formation of kidney stones. This research was clear that reduced levels in decaf appeared to correspond to a reduction in kidney stone formation, while higher levels of caffeine did not provide that benefit.

This is actually similar to other research on the benefits of coffee where it was found the health benefits were related to low and moderate consumers of coffee rather than those who overconsume. More is not necessarily better. So serving size matters. 

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