Top 3 Foods And Drinks High In Caffeine

Top 3 Foods And Drinks High In Caffeine

These Top 3 Foods And Drinks High In Caffeine Could Be Why You Are Jittery And Sleepless

Nobody consumes too much caffeine in one gulp. We all sip and taste our way to feeling jittery and anxious from too much caffeine. But these are the top 3 foods and drinks that will definitely set you over the edge and make staying within sane caffeine limits hard to do.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has set the guidelines for safe caffeine consumption at 400mg per day. Individuals will be able to handle more or less than this based on age, weight, and metabolism, but this should be considered safe guardrails for sane behavior. But humans are not always safe or sane.

When a standard Diet Coke will clock in at 46mg of caffeine, 400mg can sound like a lot. But it is easier than you think to achieve (or exceed) 400mg a day of caffeine.

Read below for the top 3 high caffeine beverages that will max you out on caffeine before you even realize it.

Energy Drinks That Have Caffeine In Large Amounts

energy drinks that have caffeine
Energy Drinks That Have Caffeine In Large Amounts

#3 Redline Extreme (Bang Energy)

An 8oz can of this energy drink will deliver 316mg of caffeine.

There was a 2009 court case in San Diego, CA that claimed, “Redline energy drinks can cause vomiting, chest pains, rapid heartbeat, convulsions and possibly death”.

While obviously many people drink these products and even have any ill effects, the danger of such high caffeine products should not be ignored and such products should be consumed with caution.  

#2 Hyde Extreme

energy drinks with lots of caffeine
Energy Drinks With Lots Of Caffeine

This drink packs a wopping 400mg of caffeine per 12oz bottle. 

This is marketed as an energy supplement and pre-workout solution. However, it is also a good example as to why the FDA moved in 2018 to start regulating caffeine use.

When people starting overusing bulk caffeine for workouts the FDA set out to stop the selling of dangerous and illegal pure and higher concentrated caffeine products. This FDA action was undertaken to help protect consumers against dietary supplements containing dangerously high levels of concentrated caffeine.

While this action was NOT taken at Hyde Extreme, the people interested in such high caffeine pre-workout supplements will overlap. 

If you want a boost of caffeine pre-work, be aware there are dangers to consuming too much.

#1 Blond Roast Coffee

Highest Caffeine Foods You Probably Drink Every Day Without Even Knowing It!

high caffeine drinks
Highest Of The High Caffeine Drinks

Because you can just such large servings sizes, a blond roast coffee can pack the most caffeine into your day.

A tall blond roast (the smallest conventional size in coffee shops) has about 270mg of caffeine. That’s nearly double the caffeine in a standard espresso (150mg). 

But for those that like their coffee bigger, a venti Blond Roast Coffee will deliver 475mg of caffeine. That exceeds the FDA recommendations for a full day by nearly 20%. 

High Caffeine Drinks Cause Caffeine Addiction

And often these excessive amounts of caffeine can sneak up on you because of digestion. 

When you drink caffeine, it has to be digested and metabolized to feel the effects. That process can take 50 minutes from first sip to full effect. 

So as you sip away and still feel tired, your body has not metabolized as fast as you drink leading to caffeine overconsumption and addiction!

Hidden Caffeine In Food And Drinks​

Hidden Caffeine In Food And Drinks

Manufacturers are also not required to disclose naturally occurring caffeine in their products so many times you are unaware of extra caffeine you may be consuming that puts you over 400mg a day. 

Further, while manufacturers are required to disclose they added caffeine to their products, they are not required to tell you how much they added.

And even a regular cup of coffee or tea will vary in caffeine levels depending on the beans/tea leaves and how they are brewed. Steep coffee or tea longer, you will get more caffeine. 

This makes it almost impossible to track all the caffeine you can be consuming from all sources. And makes it even harder when you have consumed too much and want to cut back. 

Reducing Caffeine Can Be Easy

Cut back on caffeine without caffeine withdrawal or brain fog. 

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