Energy As A Gift To Yourself And Others

really mad

Are You Really Mad Or Just Overcaffeinated?

We start each day in a rush to begin. Grab a cup of coffee and start to get things done and meet or exceed all expectations. It’s your gift to the world. But what are you getting in return? By later in the day, you might find yourself being really mad at everthing that seems to go wrong. The little irritations add up and you are left feeling frustrated, anxious and unhappy. Until you grab another cup of coffee.

When you overconsume caffeine, it triggers caffeine dependence which will leave you feeling exhausted, anxious, moody, and jittery. How does that benefit you?

What you give to others should not come at the cost of your mental and physical health. That’s not to say you should give it all up and focus only on yourself. But shouldn’t you give to others while also treating yourself with love and respect? Shouldn’t you treat yourself as kindly as you treat others?

really mad

Engage In A Self-Care That Won't Make You Feel Really Mad Later

Do you consider yourself worthy of being treated more gently? Does your body not deserve respect in return for what you expect of it?

Whatever choices you make, consider the energy you are sending out in the universe when you expend your effort. It is a frenetic, angry vibe that your life is a series of challenges to be endured? Or do you project that life is to be enjoyed and the journey should be a smoother one that allows you to be present and focused and aware of the small gifts of clarity and attention that can reward your effort? Do you notice the subtle things or are they overlooked as you are more anxious or rushed along the way?

So much goes into every day. Time. Energy. Focus. Emotion. Intelligence. Spirit. Compassion.

And time passes in the blink of an eye.

Shouldn’t you choose to meet the challenges with your very best and enjoy each moment?

I had a great boss who once said: “You only get one trip around the track of life. Make it a good one.”

Wise words for us all to live by.

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