The Ugly Truth About Your Morning Coffee

The Ugly Truth About Your Morning Coffee, Your Pants That Don’t Fit and Just Thinking About Making A Change


The truth is, I picked a hard business to break into. When you look at the numbers it would seem like a gold-mine. 90% of US adults drink coffee. And 69% of coffee drinkers acknowledge they are “hooked” on caffeine. And the same percentage also tell themselves “it is important to limit my caffeine intake.” That’s roughly 150 million adults in the US who, intellectually at least, know they need to dial back on their caffeine intake. 

And with decaff as the only traditional solution to reduce caffeine I must have found a huge untapped market for a low-caffeine alternative, right? Uh, no.

The stark reality is that people may think about cutting back but 59% of people don’t consider making an actual change in their caffeine habits until a doctor tells them to.

I should have tried to sell bidets. It would be easier to convince someone they need a weird toilet than to cut back on the thing they think is helping them. Even when that thing is really hurting them.

Quitting caffeine, or even just cutting back, has more in common with smoking and drug use than most of us are comfortable acknowledging. Smoking, drugs, alcohol, and caffeine all make us feel good. We tell ourselves that “its fine”. “I’m balancing it okay.” “I’m still in control.” “I’ll cut back tomorrow.” Or “I’ll cut back next week.” Or “I’ll cut back after my performance review at work.” We’re full of excuses. Because we haven’t hit the point where the pain of dependence outweighs the pleasure of consumption.


Most people don’t try to just reduce caffeine either. It is usually part of a “let’s quit everything at once campaign” where people try to launch a brand-new lifestyle quitting caffeine, sugar, cigarettes, marijuana and/or drinking all at once. And then fail miserably – at everything. Because withdrawal, whether it is caffeine withdrawal, nicotine, or alcohol withdrawal, all have real physical symptoms that can be brutal. But sometimes it’s the more subtle cravings that call from the pleasure centers of our brain that can undermine the strongest willpower and leave you feeling trapped in your old habits.

Up and down you are pushing and pulling your body to get through an endless list of commitments never considering that caffeine might be making it worse. That you are actually MORE exhausted because caffeine disrupts your sleep so you don’t get quality rest. That your boss might just be a little bit of a jerk, and not a total jerk, if you didn’t already feel anxious, frustrated, and exhausted from too much caffeine.

benefits of quitting coffee

Why Change Is Good

How Change Can Be Easy

I can give you all the reasons why CAFFEINEcontrol can help. How it was formulated to help you reduce caffeine without caffeine withdrawal, giving you a boost of energy without triggering caffeine dependence. How it works faster than coffee so less caffeine still gives you a boost of energy and focus. How it tastes great so you never feel deprived. Why it was formulated to support immune health and help support mood so you can feel your best. But the reality is, you don’t care until the pain outweighs the pleasure. When you get to that point, you can find a real solution here:

But there is something else to consider while you “think about  it.” This isn’t a venture funded by the deep pockets of big business looking to make a quick buck. I created the formula because I was just like you. I was consuming too much caffeine and would have argued there was no way I could go to school full time, work full time, take care of my home, family and be a decent friend without multiple cups of coffee a day. Except now I can. I made this change while I was in the middle of the most stressful period of my life. And it was a change for the better that was easy. 

This is the same formula that helped me reinvent my life. I went to the best company in the US, not a cheaper foreign country, to do the formulation using my personal savings because I felt so strongly this could help others.

If you are on the fence and don’t know how to change, we’re here to support that. That’s why we’re offering free shipping and a money back guarantee — so there is nothing to risk and everything to gain. And if there is something on the site that is personally keeping you from acting that I can change, I’d love to hear about it because we should all be committed to making positive changes.  

Feel free to drop me a line at my personal email:

Reducing Caffeine Can Be Easy

Cut back on caffeine without caffeine withdrawal or brain fog. 

Faster and easier than anything you tried before. 

Learn more at


Quitting caffeine does not have to mean suffering through headaches, feeling irritable, or moody.

It doesn’t even have to mean giving up coffee!

We’ve taken a more effective approach to energy: a sweet low caffeine candy that dissolves on the tongue that skips digestion, so caffeine works 10x faster than coffee, energy drinks, or even caffeine pills. By delivering a microdose of caffeine super fast, CAFFEINEcontrol lets you reduce caffeine while getting the improved energy and focus you need to get things done. You can quickly and easily kick caffeine addiction to the curb — without caffeine withdrawal!



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