The Illusion Of Caffeine Addiction


How we make excuses for caffeine addiction got me thinking. Remember The Matrix, the mind-bending Keanu Reeves movie that postulated we all live in a synthetic reality, blissfully unaware of the reality beneath our daily lives?

I got to thinking about the Red Pill and the Blue Pill today. They represented the choice between a willingness to learn some potentially upsetting and life-altering truths by eating the Red Pill. Or you can stick with the status quo, and stay blissfully ignorant, by choosing the Blue Pill.

Caffeine addiction is kind of like that choice. We are consuming coffee every day, telling ourselves that we do it to get things done, get the things we want, and live a better life. When the reality is we are just suppressing the real reasons why we need that daily coffee.

What's The Right Choice?

If you HAVE to have a coffee to start your day that is your first clue you have an issue. You have overconsumed caffeine to the point your body now demands that constant stimulation or it will force you to consume it by triggering headaches, exhaustion, moodiness, and brain fog. That’s caffeine addiction and those are the classic symptoms of caffeine withdrawal –they happen as little as a few hours after your last dose.

Have you considered who is benefitting most from your caffeine addiction? Coffee has become BIG business and when companies add 2x and 3x more caffeine to their products they are not doing that to be nice. When you consume more caffeine than you can possibly metabolize, you trigger caffeine addiction. And you will come back for more of their products. For them, it’s just good business. You are now a loyal, repeat customer. The only problem is you are miserable unless you hand over money to them to feed that addiction.

It’s also pointless to consume all the extra caffeine. You are just wasting money. When you overconsume caffeine most is just washed away in a quick trip to the bathroom. You are literally flushing away the money you just spent on that caffeine. But small amounts of caffeine are help back in your body tissue. That’s what comes back to haunt you later in the day when you feel exhausted, but too restless to sleep. There is no upside to overconsuming caffeine.

Delusion or Reality?

What I’m suggesting here is you look at the reality of what you are doing every day. Are you really getting the benefits you expect from your coffee addiction or are you just consuming more caffeine to try to feel “normal”? When you overconsume, your body is resistant to caffeine so it not a tool that gives you a boost in your day, but primarily feeds the caffeine addiction so you don’t feel bad.

Cutting back on caffeine does not have to be an all or nothing proposition. When you stop deceiving yourself about your caffeine habits, you can take back control of your caffeine intake and use it as a tool you control. Instead of allowing caffeine addiction to dictate where and when you need to consume it just to feel good again.

There was a study done not too long ago that showed at we don’t really “like” coffee as much as we like that it helps us not feel bad. That sums of the relationship that most people have with coffee. Unless you are drinking coffee black, with no cream or sugar, you can’t say you like coffee. You like the dessert like concoction that is created with coffee in it. You are drinking something that filled with cream and sugar, that tastes good, but its first job is not to give you a boost. 

When you are addicted to caffeine the first sip just kills the caffeine withdrawal symptoms. You feel better so you “think” it is working. It’s not giving you more energy. It’s just stopping you from feeling bad from the caffeine withdrawal symptoms. Caffeine addiction is tricking you into thinking coffee is helping you.

Wouldn’t it feel better to not NEED that cup of coffee to start your day? What would it feel like to be back in control of your energy needs? To rest well at night. To wake up refreshed. To not feel an energy crash in the afternoon and watch the clock wondering when the day will end. Those are all possible. Not by giving up caffeine, but by dialing it back so you are back in the driver’s seat of your life.

That’s what CAFFEINEcontrol lets you do. It delivers caffeine faster than coffee, so you won’t accidentally overconsume and trigger caffeine dependence. It tastes great, but with fewer calories than the average coffee so you don’t feel bloated to get your energy. It’s a tool that works with you,  and never against you, to put you quickly and easily in control of your caffeine consumption.


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Quitting caffeine does not have to mean suffering through headaches, feeling irritable, or moody.

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