The 3 Types Of People That Need CAFFEINEcontrol


The other day I had someone ask me “who is the target for CAFFEINEcontrol, I can’t imagine giving up my coffee?”

The answer to that is simple: you don’t have to give up coffee, this lets you cut back on your own terms. But to answer that more completely it’s important to realize that the reasons for cutting back on caffeine are always unique. Not everyone is in the same place in their caffeine journey. But there are three groups that are pretty good representations of who will want this product: 

Group 1: Future Users

This group is the same person that asked the question, but just a few years down the road. While her first question was incredulous that ANYONE could ever want to reduce or eliminate caffeine, she went on to describe how she started with decaff, while pregnant because she craved it, and now has two kids and drinks several cups every day. Her caffeine dependence has escalated over time and realistically will only get worse. But right now, she thinks caffeine is working for her, not against her. 

Caffeine Dependence

As your body gets used to caffeine it requires more and more to get the same “boost” you expect. Eventually you are overconsuming to the point it disrupts your life because you are suddenly more sleepless, irritable, and anxious than ever before. And that’s when you will be looking for a way to cut back without enduring the horrors of caffeine withdrawal, brain fog, exhaustion and irritability that come with dialing back a severe dependence.

Nobody gets there overnight. The road to caffeine dependence doesn’t have any warning signs that say, “danger ahead: exit here.” You usually only realize you reached the end of the road when you are feeling terrible mentally and physically.

Group 2: Careful Consumers

These are people that are already aware they have to limit caffeine and are looking for ways to keep their caffeine consumption low. Some are sensitive to caffeine, but others are just aware of their limits and want to stay between the guard rails. 

This is a pretty big group. 66% of regular coffee drinkers say they know they need to limit caffeine intake. 

This group looks for creative ways to maximize their caffeine without overconsuming. They may depend on decaff or they may water down their coffee to spread it out. This group will appreciate that CAFFEINEcontrol does more than coffee can: it supports immune health, focus and you never accidentally consume too much and wind up restless or sleepless late at night.

Break The 2PM Rule

If Group 2 sounds like you, you’ll appreciate that you can break the no coffee after 2pm rule. CAFFEINEcontrol is the perfect late afternoon solution that lets you get a boost of energy and focus late in the day without keeping you up all night long.  

Group 3: The Enthusiastic Quitter

They may have already tried to just quit caffeine “cold turkey” and realized caffeine can act like a bad Tinder date that won’t take no for an answer and starts creating new profiles to bother you when you least expect it. 

In fact, 89% of people that try to modify their caffeine intake end up failing. CAFFEINEcontrol can help you quit because it helps you avoid the main reason people fail: caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

For me, I used it to cut back so I don’t need a cup of coffee every day. I still drink coffee occasionally because I like the taste, but that’s every few weeks, not every day like I used to. At this point I could easily quit and would never suffer any caffeine withdrawal symptoms because I’m already going weeks without it. But I like the flexibility to use it as a tool if I need it or a pleasure if really want it.

Unexpected Consequences

But for those that want to quit, the biggest advantage of using CAFFEINEcontrol to strategically dial back caffeine would be avoiding the unexpected side-effects of quitting too abruptly. Some people even report problems with long haul caffeine withdrawal.

Most people can endure a couple weeks of withdrawal symptoms like caffeine headaches, brain fog and fatigue, and then move on with life. But others report the symptoms going on much longer. For some people the withdrawal symptoms can last for MONTHS. Yeah, months.

What’s happening is your body is determined to get what it wants. You trained it over years to expect the stimulation of caffeine and you body is determined to break down your resolve and get you to give it the stimulation its thinks it needs. But there is a way around this.

Plan For Success

Research indicates that by providing small mini-doses of caffeine in place of regular consumption you can trick your body into bypassing this panic response to the absence of caffeine.

The key will be consistency and not accidently ingesting too much, or too little, caffeine. That’s why CAFFEINEcontrol is so much better than decaf. 

Decaf does not mean no caffeine. And some brands pack 80% of a regular coffee in their decaf! You can think you are consuming less caffeine and get surprised by the punch of drinking almost a full cup of fully caffeinated coffee! 

Think of cutting back on caffeine like a wild animal. Try slowly walking backwards away from it. Never turn your back and run – that gives it a chance to attack. But if you just keep slowly stepping away you eventually gain enough distance, the caffeine dependence will lose interest and move on to something more interesting.

That’s what CAFFEINEcontrol will help you do: walk away from caffeine without letting caffeine withdrawal symptoms attack you.

Reducing Caffeine Can Be Easy

Cut back on caffeine without caffeine withdrawal or brain fog. 

Faster and easier than anything you tried before. 

Learn more at


Quitting caffeine does not have to mean suffering through headaches, feeling irritable, or moody.

It doesn’t even have to mean giving up coffee!

We’ve taken a more effective approach to energy: a sweet low caffeine candy that dissolves on the tongue that skips digestion, so caffeine works 10x faster than coffee, energy drinks, or even caffeine pills. By delivering a microdose of caffeine super fast, CAFFEINEcontrol lets you reduce caffeine while getting the improved energy and focus you need to get things done. You can quickly and easily kick caffeine addiction to the curb — without caffeine withdrawal!



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