Caffeine Addiction Is Getting More Expensive

caffeine addiction

Your caffeine addiction is about to get more expensive.  

August 2021 coffee bean prices are expected to peak at up 50% more than it was last year. Why? Well, there is a tight supply, but also Big Coffee has you good and addicted so they know they can raise prices and you might skip one cup, but then you’ll be back for more. Because caffeine withdrawal is nasty. And they know you’ll do (or pay) anything to avoid it and feel better.

If you want to effectively reduce caffeine addiction you’ll want to taper back. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) even warns you against going “cold turkey” because of the high failure rate and says the best way to effectively change a caffeine habit is by gradually reducing consumption.

But that’s harder than it sounds. 89% of people that try to modify their caffeine intake will fail. Mostly because of caffeine withdrawal.  Why is caffeine withdrawal such a problem?

2 Reasons Why Caffeine Withdrawal is Such a Problem: 

1) Manufacturers are not required to label the amount of caffeine in products and people often guess wrong just how much caffeine they are consuming and 

2) The caffeine in coffee can vary depending on the bean used and how it is brewed. So the caffeine in that morning coffee can vary from cup-to-cup. 

Too much caffeine and you trigger caffeine addiction. Too little and you trigger caffeine withdrawal.

caffeine addiction

Still Want Coffee But Without Caffeine Addiction?

So how do you reduce caffeine but still get the energy and focus you need to make it through the day? Now it’s as easy as CAFFEINEcontrol. A sweet and delicious tablet that you consume like candy, but it refreshes your brain and your mouth. With just 21mg of caffeine, and as little as 29 cents per serving – with FREE SHIPPING —  it delivers energy faster than a cup of coffee so less caffeine has never felt so good and kicking caffeine dependence has never been so easy. Check it out here:

Reducing Caffeine Can Be Easy

Cut back on caffeine without caffeine withdrawal or brain fog. 

Faster and easier than anything you tried before. 


Quitting caffeine does not have to mean suffering through headaches, feeling irritable, or moody.

It doesn’t even have to mean giving up coffee!

We’ve taken a more effective approach to energy: a sweet low caffeine candy that dissolves on the tongue that skips digestion, so caffeine works 10x faster than coffee, energy drinks, or even caffeine pills. By delivering a microdose of caffeine super fast, CAFFEINEcontrol lets you reduce caffeine while getting the improved energy and focus you need to get things done. You can quickly and easily kick caffeine addiction to the curb — without caffeine withdrawal!



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