Is Your Love Of Coffee Ruining All Your New Year Resolutions?

goals for a new year

Are Your Goals For A New Year Doomed Because You Drink Coffee?

Is your love of coffee ruining your goals for a new year to lose weight? 

Do you wake up groggy and irritable before your first cup of coffee? Can you have a good day without a cup of coffee? Do you think you are more productive after your first cup? Do you find you have an afternoon slump and start watching the clock after 3pm? You are not alone. 

Coffee is the most consumed stimulant in the world. 85% of the United States adult population will consume at least one caffeinated beverage a day.

But when you overconsume caffeine the effects may impact a lot more than you think. 

If you are consuming more than a cup a day, that caffeine could be triggering:

• Nervousness

• Anxiety

• Usually fast or irregular heart beat

• Slight moderate muscle tremors

• Sleeplessness

• Irritability

• Agitation

• Headaches

These are just the highlights of overconsuming caffeine. If you are consuming caffeinated beverages to keep awake during the day, maybe the cause is not enough sleep during the night, but the REASON your sleep quality is suffering.

Caffeine has been known to disrupt sleep patterns. And less sleep will trigger a desire to eat more. 

If one of your new year resolutions was to lose some of that weight we all put on in Covid, your caffeine habit may be working against you. But any of your new year resolutions are at risk when you are undermining how you feel with too much caffeine.

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