Caffeine and Psychic Ability – Is There a Link?


What if caffeine could help you predict the future.

There are people that say caffeine increases psychic ability. The theory being that caffeine opens the sixth chakra which is the place in the head where two optic nerves cross each other. Where exactly is that? Looking in a mirror it would be the point where the nose meets the forehead — this is also called the Third Eye. And it is through the Third Eye, we are said to be able to see and interpret many things that we could not see if it was closed.

I don’t think of it as being psychic, I call it intuition.

I’ve gone to meditation classes and loved them. One of my favorite activities was pre-pandemic being ablet to join a lunch-time meditation group. It was a great break in my day and helped me feel more focused and relaxed for the remainder of the day.

The theory here is if the Third Eye is blocked, we don’t sense anything outside our regular senses which let us see, touch, and hear things. Opening the sixth chakra or Third Eye is something that is said to occur only after a lot of meditation and spiritual growth.

But anyone that focus on their intuition or “gut” will know that sometimes you can feel things that are not necessarily quantifiable. That feeling you are being watched. Or a sense of danger when your eyes don’t see anything out of place.

I went to a seminar given by the police once and they said you should never discount that sense of danger. If you have it, trust there is something wrong.

So what is caffeine could help you develop that intuition and be more aware?

Caffeine Helps You Focus

Caffeine makes the mind more alert and able to focus. The theory here is that caffeine will also help the Third Eye focus on the spirit world by receiving messages from high energy spirits of light. Using caffeine to narrow and focus intently on messages that we need to know.

Those with true psychic gifts have reported that caffeine helps them to focus on the spiritual. They say that doing psychic readings for others can be very emotionally draining. Caffeine helps them listen better and focus on what the client is saying as well as to receive messages that are pertinent to the person’s concerns or problems. And isn’t that the reason we all consume caffeine: to gain focus and concentration.

Not Everyone Agrees That Caffeine Helps

But there are others that are psychic as well as spiritual who say that caffeine is not good for developing spiritual abilities. They propose that alcohol, caffeine, drugs or even smoking should be avoided to ensure you are not influenced by substances. Some even go so far as to say meat eating should be avoided. The thought is to keep the body and mind as pure as possible.

I think the truth lies somewhere in between.

Too much caffeine makes me jumpy. I used to leap and scream if people tapped me on the shoulder from behind. I was the queen of jumpy when I consumed too much caffeine. My intuition was also terrible during that time of my life.

I occasionally have a coffee now. And my occasionally I mean ever couple weeks or so, not every day. I think I’m also must more intuitive than I was. Sensing and feeling and being able to see opportunities I would not have seen if they had slapped me in the face while I was overstimulated.

But a lot would depend on your caffeine sensitivity too. If the Third Eye is best opened after mediation, then I would assume the caffeine you consume needs to be small enough to allow you to quietly focus while you try to receive intuitive messages.

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