Thank you to our loyal followers! We’ve received exceptional feedback and have enjoyed a dedicated following. Regrettably, despite your support, we haven’t gained enough traction to sustain our operations.

This endeavor was born out of our personal savings, a labor of love. Unfortunately, our profitability hasn’t reached a level that justifies another production cycle. We remain steadfast in our belief that manufacturing in the USA is the right path, even though it comes at a higher cost. However, this cost makes a subsequent production run unfeasible, unless we compromise on quality by shifting production outside the USA — a compromise we’re unwilling to make.

As we reach this juncture, we want to extend several special offers. You have the opportunity to purchase more (with savings up to 50%) allowing you to not only save but also be a part of this unique and impactful concept until the very end. We deeply appreciate your support and hope you’ll consider availing this offer. Kindly be aware that these packages will bear distinctive markings on the back to prevent resale.