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Debra “Deb” Willford

Today’s low-energy epidemic is keeping most of us from performing at our peak in our daily lives. So we turn to the caffeine in coffee, energy drinks, pills, and powders to give us that boost we crave to power through our work. 

And Big Coffee is happy to help, giving us 2x and 3x caffeine varieties to supercharge our day. There is only one problem with that: it keeps you addicted to caffeine but it won’t help. 

Too much caffeine comes with some nasty side effects. In addition to causing late afternoon energy crashes and headaches, caffeine overuse can fuel mood swings and sleepless nights. But worse than that, when you overconsume caffeine it stops working as well. That’s why you need another cup, or higher caffeine content, to get the “boost” you expect. 

But here is the secret Big Coffee doesn’t want to tell you: when you quit being addicted to caffeine it will work again.

But quitting being addicted doesn’t mean have to quit caffeine completely. You just need to dial it back so you are not overconsuming caffeine. But that can be much harder than it sounds. Unfortunately, close to 90 percent of those who try to modify their caffeine consumption will fail, attempting to quit 2.7x on average.

Once we fall off the wagon, we zig zag, between over and under consuming, worsening withdrawal while causing jitters, heart palpitations, dizziness, brain fog, headaches, and anxiety.

As someone who regularly consumed over 3x the daily safe limit of caffeine and lived through the terrible cycle of caffeine addiction, withdrawal, and then relapse into old habits, I went on a mission to find a healthier alternative to caffeine.

I applied the expertise I gained over more than 25 years in consumer-packaged goods with brands like Nestle and Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream to create a powerful energy tablet that provides exactly the boost we all want and need every day, completely free of the negative side effects of coffee and other energy products. 

This isn’t big business trying to sell you another solution that won’t work. This business is my personal quest to show people how they can permanently reinvent their relationship with caffeine into a new healthier lifestyle. I know this works because this is the same formula I used to break my caffeine habit and I’ve been able to maintain it for over 2 years (and counting). 

I don’t suffer or deprive myself. I’m not trying to prove a point. I’m easily back in control of when and where I want to consume caffeine again. And sometimes I do have a cup of coffee. Maybe every few weeks, not every day like I used to. It’s a tool I can choose to use, or a pleasurable treat I give myself instead of an addiction I’m forced to feed just to feel “normal”.  

I started this journey right before the pandemic, taking two years to perfect both the effectiveness and flavor of my product. We added immune boosters BEFORE the pandemic. Why? Because too much AND too little caffeine can stress your immune system and to effectively reduce caffeine you need to do more than just replace caffeine. We wanted to create a formula that makes people feel good while they reduce caffeine. My team and I didn’t stop until we got 100% approval on flavor and effectiveness from our focus group panels. Once we did, we rolled out our revolutionary product in 2021.

Today, CAFFEINEcontrol is the FIRST and ONLY product to support reducing caffeine while also helping enhance your mood, sleep, and immune health. And while other high-caffeine products save money by producing in Canada, Mexico, or China, we choose to produce our unique formula in the USA.

Our low-caffeine energy tablet can be easily consumed by dissolving on the tongue like a breath mint, delivering energy 10x faster than coffee because we skip digestion and create a smooth stimulation with a micro dose of caffeine. This allows you to consume less caffeine but still get energy you crave.

CAFFEINEcontrol was designed with flexibility in mind, allowing you to reduce, replace, or quit caffeine starting the first time you use it. No complicated rules or system to follow: just replace your any or all of your caffeinated beverages with CAFFEINEcontrol and you immediately get positive results.  

Best of all, it tastes GREAT! Our sweet, pineapple-flavored tablets dissolve on the tongue for a convenient way to stay focused and productive day or night.

Think outside the cup, break free from caffeine addiction, and live your best life with CAFFEINEcontrol!

Why Is Reducing Caffeine So Hard?

Hint: It's Not A Question Of Willpower

There are several reasons why it’s so hard to reduce caffeine:

  1. Your central nervous system gets used to the stimulation. If you cut it back too fast it goes into panic mode: like seeing the last hot Christmas toy get taken off the shelf 5 minutes before the store closes.

  2. Caffeine triggers feel-good chemicals in your brain. So when you try to cut back, the pleasure centers of your brain will also go into panic mode telling you that you will never feel good again, that you will die alone, sobbing, and broke. But, your brain will also be quick to remind you that if you just have a cup of coffee it will be ok.

  3. We drink coffee to get more done. That desire for success will mean somewhere down the road you will want just a little extra “umph” in your day and will probably reach for a cup of coffee to help you. However, caffeine dependence can be triggered by as little as one cup of coffee, making a relapse into old habits a real danger. 

  4. Big coffee and energy drink companies have lobbied to not label caffeine on their packages. That means you are flying blind and could be consuming way more caffeine than you think. That’s great for big coffee. It keeps you as a regular customer. But, you are also up against nature and chemistry too. The amount of caffeine in coffee (and decaf) can vary based on the bean or the brew. That means you may not be getting the caffeine you think from cup-to-cup. Too much and you trigger caffeine dependence. Too little and you trigger caffeine withdrawal.

You Are Not Alone

Over 4 million people spontaneously google for something like “caffeine withdrawal” or “too much coffee”. At the same time, most companies are trying to sell us more and more caffeine. Recent new product introductions by Big Coffee include 2x and 3x caffeine offerings. The reasons are simple. Caffeine has become big business and keeping people addicted to their products is just good repeat business. 

CAFFEINEcontrol was created to give people an alterantive to high caffeine products. It gives people the ability to cut back on caffeine without caffeine withdrawal and without sacraficing the energy and focus needed to stay productive at work and present and engaged with family and friends. 

If you can’t skip coffee or energy drinks for a day, it’s time to take control of your caffeine habits. The CAFFEINEcontrol being sold today has the same active ingredients I used to break my caffeine addiction. It worked for me and it can work for you. Or your money back.

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